Travel Acknowledgement


Travel Acknowledgement


Travel Advice for Malaysian Students

The latest travel advice from the Malaysian Government

Please read the following notice carefully before applying for your Travel Request



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1.0 Notice to Malaysian citizens traveling to Malaysia

Welcome back to Malaysia! All Malaysian students overseas are required to obtain a travel acknowledgement slip by Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) prior to travelling to Malaysia.

To obtain the slip, students are required to submit the Travel Acknowledgement Form through this list

2.0 What is the Travel Acknowledgement Form for?

Malaysian students intending to return to Malaysia are required to fill in the Travel Acknowledgement Form here. This form is to assist the Ministry of Higher Education(MOHE) to determine the number of Malaysian Students returning home and if the student falls under the B40 category for quarantine subsidy purposes.

3.0 Who can apply to return to Malaysia?

3.1  All Malaysian students overseas that are outside of Malaysia and intend to return to the country.

4.0 What must i do before applying for a Travel Acknowledgement?

4.1  Ensure that the country you are currently in has not imposed a travel ban.

4.2  Ensure that you have made flight arrangements.

4.3  Ensure that you have downloaded the MySejahtera mobile application. MySejahtera is an application developed by the Government of Malaysia to assist in monitoring COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

4.4  Fill in the Letter of Undertaking Form (LOU)

4.5  Fill in the Borang pengecualian bayaran kos kuarantin dan ujian COVID19 (If applicable)

5.0 How will I know the status of my Travel Acknowledgement application?

5.1  An email will be sent once the Travel Confirmation is ready.

6.0 What should I do once my Travel Acknowledgement is approved?

6.1  Fill in the Letter of Undertaking which can be obtained from hereNote: You are not required to fill in the ‘Child’ section

6.2  Check with your airline if you are required to undergo a COVID-19 test prior to your departure.

6.3  Be very careful with your surroundings. Practice social distancing and good hygiene. Do your best to avoid any occasion that might expose you further to the COVID19 virus.

7.0 What will happen once I arrive in Malaysia?

7.1  Upon arrival, you will be carefully escorted by the relevant authorities to the Ministry of Health (MOH) personnel.

7.2  If you are not under the B40 category, you will be required to make a payment of RM150 for to undergo a mandatory RT-PCR test by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Once the test is completed, proceed to the Immigration Counter for clearance to enter Malaysia.

7.3  Once you have obtained clearance from the Immigration Department, make your way to NADMA and EMGS. Here you will be required to furnish some basic details for record purposes. Once that is completed, MOH will be assigning a quarantine station for you.

7.4  Government officials will then bring you to the quarantine station assigned to you. During this time, you are required to undergo quarantine for 14 days and you will not be allowed to leave the quarantine premises.

7.5  On the 13th day, you will undergo an antibody test which will cost RM30. If your result shows as negative, your institution will make travel arrangements for you to return to the institution, however if your result is a positive, MOH guidelines will apply.

Note: If your parents/guardians are classified under the Government’s B40 income group, the Government of Malaysia will subsidise the quarantine cost for you.

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