Refund of Unclaimed Monies Education Institutionss

Refund of Unclaimed Amount (Uninvoiced Applications) for Education Institutions

Refund of Unclaimed Monies (Uninvoiced Applications) for

Education Institutions

EMGS is always looking for individual with unclaimed refunds. Do you have any unclaimed refunds? If you do, please email us at and we will get back to you.

Tutorial Video

We have made things simpler for you. Here is a step-by-step tutorial video on how to request the Refund of Unclaimed Monies.

Access STARS

To apply for a refund on unintentional transfer of payments, you will be required to create a refund application in the STARS System.


Refund Application Form

Kindly select the type as "Payment Overpaid" and the reason as "Transferred Funds to EMGS Unintentionally". You will be required to upload the proof of payment to initiate the refund process.


Frequently asked questions

Refund of Unclaimed Amount (UnInvoiced Applications)

The EMGS Escrow Account has received deposits from unknown customers. These deposits have not been utilized for invoicing applications. Therefore, the institution or student may request a refund from EMGS for payments that are not utilized, and the amount will be refunded based on EMGS policy.

All educational institutions, students or third-party individuals (Agents, parents) may request for a refund if they have wrongly transferred an amount to the EMGS escrow account.

it is advisable not to initiate a refund if you would like to utilize the payment for your future applications. Please note that in order for us to invoice the applications you are required to provide the proof of payment along with the EMGS application numbers.

Yes, you are required to provide the complete details of your foreign bank account as listed in the refund form for issuance of a refund.

The bank may deduct a fee from the proceeds of any telegraphic transfer and the processing charges vary between banks/countries. The transmitted funds will result in a lesser amount if these charges are deducted by the bank.

No. Please note that the unclaimed amount will be credited into your account directly through the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) method.

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