Recent Media Release – EMGS APPOINTS NEW CEO


Kuala Lumpur, 25th June 2020 – Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) has appointed Mohd Radzlan Jalaludin as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective January 2020. His outstanding entrepreneurial leadership, in the eyes of the Board, has been key to his nomination and appointment. Passionate in initiating and leading change, strengthening operation, driving results and innovating, he pledges to grow EMGS and create more value to both international students and the relevant stakeholders.

Mohd Radzlan brings on board a proven track record of building business and engagements. He received Bachelor of Law (Hons.) and pursued for Diploma in Shariah Legal Practice at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He was then called to the bar on 11th May 2007. Since then, he practiced for over 13 years, focusing on litigation. Back in 2008, at the age of 28, Radzlan established his own law firm branch in Shah Alam. He was also very active in organising social welfare activities as a gesture of giving back to the community.  

The newly appointed CEO is set to lead EMGS through the next phase of growth; strategic and consistent branding as well as introduction of new services to cater for the international students’ entire lifecycle journey.

“Education industry in Malaysia contributes significantly to the economy and the importance of international students’ enrolment cannot be overstated. EMGS will focus its efforts in promoting Malaysia’s branding in a more systematic and targeted approach – for instance, we have developed 8 key Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) that will be consistently broadcasted throughout our promotion and awareness creation campaigns. Our marketing teams will be deployed to our focused countries which we have prioritised based on their outbound student growth and our institutions’ ability to fulfil their needs and demand. Next, in order to alleviate international students’ experience and welfare, we plan to introduce new services to cater for their needs even before they reach our shore. In terms of managing the expectation of our various stakeholders, we will be playing a more pivotal role in acting as the bridge between the Government and the industry,” said Radzlan Jalaludin. “We believe that with these initiatives, we will be able to attract a higher number and quality of international students to our country”.

About Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS)

EMGS was established on 13th April 2012 as a Company Limited by Guarantee (“CLBG”) under the purview of Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. EMGS is the official gateway for all international students interested in pursuing higher education at Malaysia’s public and private higher education institutes, language and training centres. EMGS operates a One-Stop Centre for international student services and is responsible for the global promotion of Education Malaysia.

Mohd Radzlan Jalaludin
Chief Executive Officer
Education Malaysia Global Services

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