Kolej Universiti MAHSA

Kolej Universiti MAHSA

MAHSA was established in earnest in the year 2005 in Pusat Bandar Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur with the belief that higher education in the field of healthcare is a vital cog in the development of the nation.

Additional Information

SETARA Rating Not Rated
Library Facilities available.
  • Anatomy Suite
  • Dry Laboratory
  • Simulation Ward
  • Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Pharmacy Practical Lab
  • Accommodation There are two types of accommodation that is available for MAHSA students; ‘on campus’ and ‘off campus’ accommodation. The Jalan University Campus (JUC), serves as the ‘on campus’ accommodation which can easily house 3000 students. The rooms range from single occupancy to twin sharing or triple sharing with the choice of either air-condition units or non air condition units. The rooms are furnished with beds and mattress, cupboards, study tables, lighting and fans.

    Other apartments include Pelangi and Palm Spring Apartments in Kota Damansara which is approximately 5 minute drive to the main campus (PBD) and 10 minutes to JUC and finally Puteri Apartments in Brickfields about 10 minutes from both campuses Students will be shuttled to and fro by buses or vans provided by the College

    Clinic No
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Scholarships No
    Foreign Contacts No
    Alumni Details No

    Email us at: enquiry@emgs.com.my

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