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Malaysia has a good healthcare system with a combination of public and private clinics and hospitals. In many of its towns and cities there are also a wide range of alternative treatments available; including osteopathy, naturopathy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, chiropractic treatments as well as acupuncture.

Usually, there are costs involved when international students require health services. However, since medical insurance is compulsory for foreign students, you will be covered if you visit a clinic or hospital that is listed on your insurance plan. Most university campuses also have a student health centre that will treat you for common ailments.

New international students are mandated to undergo the following medical screenings in accordance with the requirements of the Malaysian Ministry of Education. In addition, the medical screening results shall be certified in accordance with the medical screening guidelines set by the Ministry.

1. Pre-arrival/Out-of-Country Medical Screening

As a new international student, you will be required to attend a medical screening while you are still in your home country and submit your pre-arrival medical examination report together with all other relevant documents to your institution. If the medical screening is done at a registered overseas clinic, the medical examination report will be automatically submitted online by the clinic.

We recommend that international students take the vaccines listed in the health Examination Form and produce the international certificate of vaccinations to the institution for visa approval letter application purposes. Please note that a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from all international students coming from or who have transited for more than 12 hours through countries with a risk of yellow fever transmission.

Students residing in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh must attend the pre-arrival medical screening at a registered overseas clinic.

Click here for a list of approved overseas clinics.

To register your clinic as an approved overseas clinic, contact us.


EMGS will not be able to process a VAL application in the event that the Out-of- Country (Pre-Arrival) medical screening report and the international certificate of vaccinations are not submitted by education institutions to EMGS during the VAL application submission.

Mobility students who are citizens of the 15 countries listed below are exempted from pre-arrival medical screening:

  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • USA
  • Australia
  • South Korea
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • France
  1. Germany
  2. Netherlands
  3. Spain
  4. Sweden
  5. Switzerland
  6. Turkey
  7. Denmark

2. Post-Arrival/In-Country Medical Screening

(a) New International Students

New international students are required to attend a medical screening at a panel clinic in Malaysia within 7 days of their arrival date.

You can find a list of panel clinics here. You may also use the EMGS mobile app to navigate to a clinic near your location


EMGS will not be able to initiate the process of student pass endorsement and supporting letter issuance for sticker endorsement purposes in the event that the international students fail to undergo the in-country screening.

(b) International Students applying for pass Renewal

International students who are renewing their student passes are not required to attend in-country medical screening

(c) International Students applying for Variation or Progression

International students who are already in the country and applying to change their course or institution (Variation applications) and students who are progressing to a higher level of study (progression students) will be required to attend an in-country medical screening at an EMGS panel clinic if the last in-country medical screening was done more than 180 days from the date of applying for a new pass.

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