Passport Photo Requirements

Passport Photo Requirements

Please find below the guidelines for submitting a passport photo to EMGS. Kindly note that this is important since the same picture will be used on the Immigration Department system and printed on the i-Kad.

Institutions will be requested to adhere to the guidelines below to avoid any delay in processing in order to avoid any untoward incident with law enforcement officials who often would require i-Kad to ascertain immigration status.

  • In colour, not black and white
  • The photo must be a true likeness of the person
  • Taken against a WHITE background
  • Your photos must be professionally printed and is 45 millimetres (mm) high x 35mm wide. Please do not use photos that have been cut down from larger pictures.
  • In the examples below, the one on the left shows the correct proportions. The image on the right shows incorrect proportions.
  • Note to institutions: When scanning and uploading the passport photo in STARS, please ensure that there is no white border surrounding the photo as this may affect the dimensions of the image. Therefore, please remove the white border before uploading the student’s picture. In the examples below, the one on the left shows the correct proportion. The image on the right shows incorrect proportion.
  • Free from reflection or glare on spectacles, the frame of which must not cover the eyes. We recommend photographs without spectacles to avoid the risk of rejection because of glare or reflection.
  • Because clothing is visible in the passport photo, subjects should be careful to wear something modest. We recommend that you wear dark-coloured attire (this includes headscarves) so as to be in clear contrast to the white background. A conservative top is best. Do not wear something with open shoulders (such as a tank top).
  • Free from shadows.
  • Digital enhancements or changes are not acceptable.
  • Taken with the eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses or tinted spectacles, and no hair across the eyes) if possible.
  • With the subject facing forward, looking straight at the camera.
  • With a neutral expression with the mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows).
  • Of each person on their own (no object such as dummies or toys, or other people visible in the frame).
  • Taken with nothing covering the face.
  • In sharp focus and is clear.
  • Free from ‘redeye’.
  • Taken of the full head, without any covering unless worn for religious or medical reasons.
  • Make sure the facial features are clearly visible, from the bottom of the chin to the crown of the head.
  • Printed professionally or taken in a passport photo booth. Photos printed at home are unlikely to be of an acceptable standard.
  • Have the person’s full name on the back of each photograph (when submitted manually).

Examples Of Passport Photos

Compare passport photos with these examples before submitting an application.

Examples Of Acceptable Photos

Examples Of Unacceptable Photos

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