EMGS to Collaborate with Malaysia Zhejiang International Investment Association

EMGS team made a visit to Malaysia Zhejiang International Investment Association on 16 June 2020. The meeting was attended by Ms. Helen Liu (EMGS China Special Division General Manager) and Ms. Eeling Chong (EMGS Regional Marketing Executive) accompanied by with Mr. Wang Zurong (President of Malaysia Zhejiang International Investment Association) and other relevant personnel. The meeting had discussed on the full-time study matters, education cooperation and exchange such as winter camp, summer camp, skills training, language training, cultural exchange and education investments.

The goal of the discussion was to encourage current workforce from Zhejiang, China who is currently affected by the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia, to further improve their studies in Malaysia. This initiative would provide them with opportunities to elevate their skillsets in the relevant industry. EMGS would be able to assist and establish linkage between these workforce and education institutions.

The main objective is to assist and provide the workforce with more convenient ways for further education in order to improve their relevant skillsets, through the close collaboration with EMGS. Both parties have also discussed about the possibility of a more long-term collaboration pipeline in future even after the pandemic.

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