Visa Variation for Existing Student

Visa Variation for Existing Student


  • Students applying for renewal will be issued with a student pass with a maximum duration of 12 months.
  • To avoid overstaying upon the lapse of your student pass, it is recommended that the student pass renewal application be submitted (together with all required documents) no later than 6 weeks from the student pass expiry date.
  • Costs vary based on your type of institution and course. Please get in touch with you university once you have obtained your first student pass, including on the recommended time to submit your application.
  • In addition to the processing fee, insurance policies purchased through EMGS must also be renewed annually. You will be required to apply for a top-up of the insurance policy (a renewal) on a yearly basis.
  • The entire processing time takes about 3-4 weeks. Do check with your institution’s international student office for more information.
  • The same legal restrictions apply to all those residing in Malaysia and holding a student visa.
  • Refer to here for more information.


For more information about eligibility, please refer here.

Steps to Get Your Visa

Please note that all variation applications must be made through the education institution. You may approach your institution’s international students’ office to get more information.

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