1.     PURPOSE:


1.1  EMGS would like to provide further updates on the bulletin issued on 7th of September 2020 regarding the ban announced by the Malaysian Government  involving long-term pass (including Student Pass) holders from the following 23 countries for existing International students from Public and Private Higher Education Institutions to enter Malaysia.


1.     United States of America

2.     Brazil

3.     India

4.     Russia

5.     Peru

6.     Colombia

7.     South Africa

8.     Mexico

9.     Spain

10.  Argentina

11.  Chile

12.  Iran

13.  United Kingdom

14.  Bangladesh

15.  Saudi Arabia

16.  Pakistan

17.  France

18.  Turkey

19.  Italy

20.  Germany

21.  Iraq

22.  Philippines

23.  Indonesia


1.2  Kindly note that the Malaysian Government has reviewed the previous decision and is allowing existing students from the countries mentioned above to enter Malaysia with the approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.


1.3  EMGS will now continue processing Travel Authorisation applications that were placed on hold due to the travel ban announcement however students that received a rejection for their Travel Authorisation applications from the Malaysian Immigration Department must create and submit a new application if they still wish to return to Malaysia and continue their studies.


1.4  As previously explained, we would like to also reiterate the category of existing International Students from Public and Private Higher Education Institutions that will be allowed to enter Malaysia. The categories are:

1.4.1       Students with a valid student pass who are outside the country

1.4.2       Student pass that have expired during MCO (from 1st February 2020 onwards) and the student is outside the country



1.5  These category of students must also ensure that they comply with the relevant procedures prior to travelling to Malaysia. This includes:

1.5.1       Upon receiving the Travel Authorisation, download and complete a Letter of Undertaking (LoU) and Indemnity for Person Under Surveillance

1.5.2       Obtain a Letter of Approval (Entry Permit) from an accredited Malaysian Mission abroad





Education Malaysia Global Services
17th September 2020

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