Meeting with Japanese Student Association Malaysia (JSAM)

EMGS had a fruitful engagement with the Japanese Student Association Malaysia (JSAM) on 29th of September 2020. The purpose of the meeting was mainly to invite EMGS to become one of the key speakers for their first-ever Introduction to Study in Malaysia Virtual Fair and to discuss related issues for the new and existing Japanese students. The meeting was also joined by JSAM members virtually from Japan.

The meeting was attended by the following JSAM members: Kerii Fujiyama (President, Sunway University), Atari Shimase (Vice President, UOW KDU University), Yoshitaka Osaki (Study Abroad Supporter, Monash University), Hina Saito (Study Abroad Supporter / Life Supporter, Universiti Putra Malaysia), Aoi Kuwabara (Event Manager/Carrier Magazine/SNS Management, EMS Language Centre), Aina Heshiki (SNS Management, HELP University), Serii Fujiyama (Study Abroad Supporter, Sunway College), Yuta Shimomura (SNS Management, UOW KDU University), Ami Kikuchi (HELP University), Riko Nishiyama (HELP University), Teruaki Tokunaga (HELP University) and Shohei Nakamura (Reporter from MTown Magazine).

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Mohd Radzlan Jalaludin (EMGS CEO) accompanied by EMGS representatives: Mr. Ramlan Abd Aziz (EMGS Director, International Student Management Services), Ms. Esther Low (EMGS Director, Marketing and Communications), Mr. Rohayudin Bin Abdul Rashid (EMGS Senior Manager, International Student Management Services), Mr. Mohd Farha Bin Md Ishak (EMGS Manager, International Student Management Services), Pn. Norfarahida Sufinas Shuib (EMGS, Secretary to Director, International Student Management Services), Syed Mohsen Bin Syed Abu Bakar Alkaff (EMGS, Special Officer to CEO) and Ms Fatina Najwa Binti Shahrom (EMGS Regional Manager, Marketing and Communications).

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