JSAM Meeting Session with EMGS

On 29th September 2020, the Japanese Student Association in Malaysia (JSAM) held a meeting session with Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). JSAM is an organisation run by Japanese students attending a university in Malaysia that aims to maximize the value of studying abroad and promoting Japanese culture, mainly through volunteer work and event planning.

In the sharing discussion, JSAM had the opportunity to discuss issues such as Visa application and renewal, quarantine process and returning to Japan, which were among the questions raised by the students who were forced to return home due to the spread of the COVID-19.

On the other hand, EMGS has also made a request to JSAM to increase the number of Japanese students and to deepen the cooperation with them by providing interpreters.

Ms. Ami Kikuchi, who participated in the discussion, said, “This was a very valuable experience for me. I was able to participate online as well as face-to-face with my Japanese team members. I was nervous because the meeting was held in English, but we had a great time discussing it with EMGS. JSAM will continue to do its best to ensure as many Japanese students as possible to have a fulfilling study abroad experience in Malaysia. JSAM will continue to do our best to help more Japanese students to enjoy a fulfilling study abroad experience in the future.”

Source: MTown Weekly Magazine https://my.ebook5.net/m-town/270 

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