EMGS Virtual Engagement Meeting with Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)

EMGS International Student Management Services (ISMS) team had a virtual engagement meeting with the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) on 21st June 2021. This meeting was held to discuss on the draft proposal paper for the prerequisite courses of the Standard Master and Doctoral Degree (SMDD) to the policy review.

Among the attendees to this meeting are Mr. Mohd. Zamrin Bin Salim (MQA Senior Chief Assistant Director, Standards Development Unit) and Mrs. Farhanah Binti Mohamad, (MQA Assistant Director, Standards Development Unit).

EMGS team members who attended the meeting were Mr. Ramlan Abd Aziz (Director, ISMS), Mr. Rohayudin Abd Rashid (Senior Manager, ISMS) accompanied by other representatives from ISMS.

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