EMGS Engagement with Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

EMGS had a fruitful engagement meeting with the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) on 14th April 2023. The meeting was held primarily to discuss matters related to international students, mobility programmes, and globalisation of UTAR. EMGS and UTAR will further increase the promotional efforts to attract more international students to Malaysia and to strengthen the presence of top private universities in Malaysia like UTAR in Southeast Asia region.

The meeting was chaired by Dr Abdul Razak Ahmad (Chairman of EMGS) and attended by Mr. Novie Bin Tajuddin (Chief Executive Officer of EMGS), and other representatives from the Marketing, Communications and Branding division, International Student Management Services (ISMS) division and Corporate Strategy division.

The UTAR team was led by Ir. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ewe Hong Tat (President/Chief Executive Officer of UTAR), and accompanied by Ir. Prof. Dr. Goi Bok Min (Vice President, Internationalisation and Academic Development), Prof. Ts. Dr. Faidz Bin Abd Rahman (Vice President, R&D and Commercialisation) and other representatives from UTAR.

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