EMGS Engagement with ÖNDER, Turkey

EMGS had the opportunity to visit ÖNDER Foundation Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey on 21st October 2021. ÖNDER is a non-profit organisation from Turkey that aims at supporting students and graduates of Imam Hatip schools across Turkey with targeted programming, teacher training, and education consulting. The fruitful meeting has discussed on various possible collaborations between both parties, particularly on the opportunities for Imam Hatip School graduate to purse higher education in Malaysia on Islamic programmes, English summer programmes and scholarships offered by Malaysia’s higher education institutions.


The meeting was attended by ÖNDER representatives: Mr. Riad Domazeti (Foreign Relations Commision President), Mr. Mehmet Ali Kılıç (Vice President), Mrs. Arife Gökkuş (Foreign Relations Commision Member), Mr. Süleyman Dulkar (Foreign Relations Commision Member) and EMGS representatives; led by Mr. Mohd Radzlan Jalaludin (Chief Executive Officer of EMGS), accompanied by Mr. Raja Muhamad Fariz Bin Raja Eyuddin (Assistant Regional Manager, Central Asia from Marketing Division of EMGS

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