99.78% Of Applications For Student Visa Proccessed In 7 Days; Target Of 170,000 International Student Enrolment For 2017 Achieved

Concerted Effort Between Multiple Ministries & Agencies Critical to Achieve 2018 Targets

Kuala Lumpur, Thursday, 8 March 2018 – Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) in collaboration with Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM), Bahagian Visa, Pas dan Permit, has achieved a new record of 7 days for the processing of complete applications received in the year 2017, and the target of 170,000 international student enrolment for 2017 was also achieved. EMGS, a wholly owned company of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) tasked to promote Malaysia as an international education and training hub and to manage applications for a Student Pass to study in Malaysia operates a one-stop-centre for international student services together with JIM.

Speaking at a Joint Press Briefing with JIM this morning, Prof. Dato’ Dr Rujhan Mustafa, Chief Executive Officer of EMGS said, “The service delivery for Visa Approval Letters (VAL) in our Client Charter is 14 working days. In 2016, our average was 19 days and we’ve seen significant improvement in 2017 with 7 working days.

“The total enrolment target set for 2017 was 170,000. We managed to close the year with 17,068. What’s interesting is we are rising up the value chain – in terms of level of study, 64% of international students in public universities are enrolled in postgraduate studies and at private institutions, 56% are at degree and postgraduate levels.

“We introduced our Student Application & Registration System (STARS) in 2013 and we continue to enhance both features and integration towards better transparency, data security and confidentiality. The application process is almost fully digital, students may apply directly to EMGS. Students and institutions can track the status of applications online or via the EMGS mobile app, which is also a tool to connect the community of international students in Malaysia. Our system is integrated with JIM, PDRM and we have access to the examination boards of foreign countries via the Multinational Academic Recognition System (MARS) which allows us to check and verify examination certificates submitted by students,” Dato Rujhan said.

Mohd Fardhi Ahmad, Director of the Visa, Pass and Permit Division of JIM said that a significant process and technology enhancement made was the implementation of eVAL in October. “Students can download the VAL the same day we issue and deposit the VAL on STARS, saving 3 to 6 weeks delivery time to post or courier the hard copy of the document to students in their home country.

“Another improvement is the eVISA which was introduced to students from 10 countries in August 2017. Students from China, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia and Montenegro enrolling into public universities and private higher education institutions can apply online for the electronic single entry visa to enter Malaysia, after receiving the VAL. Applications are processed within 48 hours, making it faster and easier for students to embark on their journey to Malaysia. We will be expanding this facility to students of other nationalities by the second quarter of 2018,” Fardhi added.

Dato’ Rujhan also shared strategies for international marketing and promotions for 2018. “We had a Marketing Townhall with the Heads of Marketing from public and private higher education institutions in January. We shared relevant data and statistics derived from STARS analytics which define trends and the data is useful to institutions in better planning their marketing targets and strategies for this year. For 2018, we expand our marketing activities into solo roadshows and G2G initiatives. We recently secured 500 scholarships from Maldives. We are intensifying initiatives in China and Indonesia.

“Moving forward, concerted effort is critical in meeting our 200,000 international student enrolment target in 2020. We will work together with our institutions, our foreign missions abroad, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Human Resource, the Ministry of Home Affairs, JIM, PDRM, Malaysian Qualifications Agency and other related agencies and also Ministries in raising Malaysia’s credibility and profile as the preferred education destination.


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