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Once a bustling port that linked eastern and western powers along the spice trade route, Penang is a cultural melting pot. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its culture, food and architecture as well as an thriving art scene make it a must-visit state in Malaysia.

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Penang International Airport

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Arriving in Penang

Recently refurbished,  Penang International Airport is one of Malaysia’s newer and better-equipped airports which, despite its small size, service the larger part of Southeast Asia. The airport is on the island, while the mainland is serviced by train and highway. Two bridges connect the two parts.


Penang International Airport (PIA)

Airport Transportation


RapidPenang operates 2 bus routes from the airport to Komtar Mall bus interchange. Fares are exact so please ensure you have enough small change.


Rentals are available at PIA and Malaysian road signs are easy to read. Driving is on the left side of the road and do note that there are toll fees for major highways as well.


At PIA, all vehicles are able to enter and drop-off passengers. Do note that fares will include highway toll fees. Flag downs and ride-hailing apps are popular as well.

Getting Around Penang

The urban island part of Penang, George Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. But the whole Penang retains its old world charm while adding modernity in terms of infrastructure and transportation.


RapidPenang is the main bus operator for most bus routes in Penang. You can check the routes and fares here. The main hub for buses in Georgetown is KOMTAR, the tallest building in town.


Renting a vehicle is a good option for travelling around Penang. As a developed country, there are well-maintained roads, signs in English, and a comprehensive highway system (some of which have toll fees). Using navigation apps such as Google Maps or Waze to get around is quite convenient too.


Intercity trains stop at Penang Port on the mainland. Penang does not have a rapid transport system.


Penang has metered taxis plying its routes, do ask them to use the meter. Otherwise, ride-hailing apps provide alternative options at a fixed price.


Exploring by foot is one of the best ways to experience a UNESCO World Heritage site like Penang. Walking tours are available by locals and George Town personalities, so do sign up early and remember to wear comfortable shoes. Streets and sidewalks are spacious are well-maintained and are brightly lit at night which is convenient for those who want to get around on foot.

6 Things You Need To Do in Penang

Take in the Scents of the Tropical Spice Garden

Bask in the sights and smells of this tropical oasis bordering the Malacca Strait. Explore the terraced gardens to learn about edible, medicinal and poisonous plants available in the region. You can join in guided tours and cooking classes for experience to round off the experience. .

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Hiking the Nature Reserve Around Bukit Bendera and Penang Hill

Escape the the hectic city life by exploring two of Penang’s virgin rainforest reserves. Take in the flora and fauna of Penang Hill with guided tours and night walks.

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Soak in the Cultural Heritage While Exploring Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Wander through the corridors while taking in exquisite cutlery and homeware used by Peranakans of old. Majestically restored, it is one of the most well-known buildings in Penang.

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Explore Penang with Your Tastebuds Through Food Streets and Night Markets

Explore many local flavours from sweet, savoury to spicy. Indulge in well-known Malay and Chinese dishes like laksa, rojak (a “salad’ of fruits and vegetables in a thick and sweet dressing), Padang-style Indonesian curries and roasted meats, as well as Indian curries.

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UNESCO World Heritage Zone and Armenian Street

Renowned in the region, the area has been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its stunning architecture and traditional business that still retain their old way of life.

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Enjoy Some Contemporary Art at Hin Bus Depot

Browse through Penang’s flourishing art scene with many artist studios, gallery exhibitions, cinemas  and craft markets every weekend.

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Pulau Pinang

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