Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM)

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM)

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM)

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SETARA Rating Excellent
Library The University library system consists of five libraries at each of the University's five campuses: the Main Library at the Gombak campus, two Medical libraries in the Kuantan campus (Indera Mahkota and Jalan Hospital branches), the ISTAC Library at Damansara, the IIBF Library at Jalan Duta and the Centre for Foundation Studies (CENFOS) Library at Petaling Jaya and Nilai.

With a total collection of over 550,000 volumes of monographs, 1,600 serial titles on subscription, 24,000 volumes of bound serials, 60,000 units of audio-visual media, and 29,000 microforms, the library also subscribes to a number of online databases and electronic journals and e-books, using the Library of Congress List of Subject Headings and the Library of Congress Classification Scheme to organize its collections.

Library operations are computerized using an integrated library automation system. The system allows for speedy and convenient access to the library's catalogue both from within the library and remotely through the Internet. Its 'broadcast' search facility provides direct access and simultaneous searches to a selection of other libraries' online catalogues.

The Main Library building in Gombak provides a spacious and conducive study environment with 40 carrel rooms, 15 research rooms, 8 discussion rooms, 4 audio-visual viewing rooms, an auditorium, and a multi-purpose room with a seating capacity for over 2,000 users. In addition, the Library also has 3 computer labs as well as computer and internet facilities for Library users.

To introduce and familiarize new users to the available resources, services and facilities, training programmes are conducted by the Library to enhance information-seeking skills to facilitate maximum use of in-house facilities and external information resources by learning efficient and effective methods in accessing information.

In-line with the Library's emphasis on customer oriented services, faculty and subject liaison teams have been established to cater for the information needs of clients at the various Kulliyyahs in the University.

IIUM is committed to providing continuous internet services to all its campuses and facilities by providing broadband and wifi access to all its students and staff members. IIUM is also continuously expanding its internet services and facilities to meet connectivity demands through its various upgrading projects.

IIUM also has various online services, such as the myIIUM Student Portal, in which IIUM students can check and organize their personal schedules and information in a centralized online database. IIUM also has an e-learning and online community portal, whereby students can organize and coordinate their schedules, announcements and activities.

Laboratory No
Accommodation The students’ residential colleges in IIUM are also known as Mahallah, which is Arabic for ‘neighbourhood’. IIUM’s mahallahs are self-contained not only with services but also activities, and are named after the leading companions of the Prophet s.a.w and the female Mujahidah and Syuhada.

Since the early years of its establishment, IIUM has practiced 100% accommodation for its full time undergraduate students. For postgraduate students, accommodation is provided based on availability of rooms. Priority is given to the non-Malaysian students, especially students from the newest intake.

Currently, IIUM has 16 mahallahs that accommodate about 14,000 students from various countries and cultures. Each mahallah is lead by a Principal and assisted by administrative staff and fellows. The staff concentrates on the administrative and maintenance needs of the mahallah, while the fellows focus on students' matters and activities.

Single Room
•Specifically catered for postgraduate students who are considered matured and require more privacy
•Undergraduate students may also apply if vacancies are available,
•Rental rate for IIUM students is RM 7.00/day/person
4 person-sharing Room
•The room accommodates four students in a compartmentalized unit. Although the four students are sharing a common door to the unit, each student is actually has his own private space/compartment for the sake of privacy.
•Each compartment is provided with a single bed, study table and chair, cupboard, bookshelf or bookrack
•Rental rate for IIUM students is RM 3.50/day/person
Elite Room (for male and female students)
•Standard room (RM510/ month)
◦attached bathroom with hot shower
◦air conditioning
◦standard bedroom set
◦single sofa & coffee table
◦pantry & coin operated laundry (common facilities)
Note: Quoted rental rate excludes electricity charges.
•Upgraded room (RM600/month)
Adds to the existing room:
◦TV, Mini refrigerator
◦bedding set / duvet & bed sheet
◦electric kettle
◦drinking set
◦pantry & coin operated laundry (common facilities)

Clinic No
Sports IIUM provides a wide variety of sports and recreational facilities and services across its campuses, in order to encourage productive and constructive leisure activities amongst its students. This is to realize the vision to produce students with holistic personalities, as well as promote an active and healthy lifestyle amongst the IIUM community.

To achieve this, IIUM has set up teams and clubs for a wide variety of activities, such as adventuring, cycling, Silat, Aikido, Karate, Taekwondo, and many others. IIUM also conducts various workshops, such as Clinics, Awareness Campaigns and Carnivals to promote encourage its students and residents to live healthier lives.

Scholarships Scholarships and Financial Assistance

In IIUM, we believe that all students deserve the opportunity to fulfill their studies. For that, our financial unit regularly provides funds and scholarships to eligible students, as well as act as the liaison between students and our various sponsors.

Our financial assistance and sponsors include:

•IIUM Ummatic Scholarship
•Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) Loan
•Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) scholarship/loan
•Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan
•Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
•Yayasan Sarawak
•Pinjaman Pendidikan Yayasan Negeri Sembilan
•Yayasan Sabah
•Yayasan Pahang
•Bank Negara Malaysia
•British American Tobacco Malaysia Foundation
•Petroleum Nasional Berhad
•Nestle Food (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
Foreign Contacts International Students Division (ISD)

Alumni Details No
Available Courses
Bachelor of Education Teaching Arabic As A Second Language (TASL) (Honours)
Bachelor of Human Sciences (Sociology and Anthropology) (Honours)
Bachelor of Education (Educational Management) (Honours)
Bachelor of Human Sciences (History & Civilization) (Honours)
Bachelor of Science Architectural Studies (Honours)
Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)
Bachelor of Human Sciences (Arabic Language and Literature) (Honours)
Bachelor of Optometry (Honours)
Bachelor of Accounting (Honours)
Bachelor of Engineering in Communication (Honours)
Bachelor of Laws (Shariah)
Bachelor in Medicine & Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS)
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Aerospace
Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage (Usul al-Din and Comparative Religion) (Honours)
Bachelor of Education Teaching English As A Second Language (TESL) (Honours)
Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)
Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counseling) (Honours)
Bachelor of Human Sciences (Political Sciences) (Honours)
Executive Bachelor in Business Management
Bachelor of Dietetics (Honours)
Bachelor of Human Sciences (Communication) (Honours)
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)
Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics-Computer & Information (Honours)
Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (Honours)
Bachelor in Quantity Surveying (Honours)
Bachelor of Engineering (Materials) (Hons)
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours)
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Manufacturing
Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge (Quran & Sunnah) (Honours)
Bachelor of Education (Moral Education) (Honours)
Bachelor of Human Sciences (Psychology) (Honours)
Bachelor of Economics (Honours)
Bachelor of Human Sciences (English Language and Literature) (Honours)
Bachelor of Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging (Honours)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical - Automotive (Honours)
Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
Bachelor in Urban & Regional Planning
Bachelor of Engineering in Biochemical-Biotechnology (Honours)
Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Bachelor Biotechnology (Honours)
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechatronics
Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge And Heritage (Fiqh And Usul Al-Fiqh) (Honours)

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