The One Academy of Communication Design

The One Academy of Communication Design

The One Academy is a MQA-accredited college with MSC-status, carrying formal affiliations with reputable design universities and colleges worldwide. The One Academy's 'Masters Train Masters' teaching philosophy that provides 'Just World Class Results' has enabled students to experience heightened evolution in concept development and creativity.

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SETARA Rating Not Rated
Library -Audio Visual Hall
-Counselling Room
-Degree Base Room
-Digital Print Room
-Field Research On Brands
-General Discuss Room
-ID Drafting Room
-Interior Design Classroom
-Life Drawing Classroom
-Manikin Studio
-Market-Proven Design Reference
-Photography Studio
-Print Room
-Sound Recording Studio
-Ubisoft Incubation Centre
Laboratory -2D Animation Laboratory
-3D Animation Lab
-Computer Graphic Lab
-Digital Art Lab
-ID Material Library
-Incubation Laboratory
-Interior Design Lab
-Multimedia Labs
-Video Lab
Accommodation We are aware that accommodation is usually a question raised by many students especially outstation students who are not familiar with Bandar Sunway.

In order to make your study life with us comfortable and worry-free, we have carefully selected and furnished 11 accomodation units to provide you with an ideal and conducive learning environment. The Student Hostels is designed in a homelike environment and for independent living for all students. All of our accommodation units are equipped for the convenience of our hostel occupants and within walking distance from the school.


-All of our Hostel units are fully furnished. Facilities provided are bed & mattress, study table & chair, wardrobe, curtains, dining table set, television, fridge, water heater & washing machine. -We also provide weekly housekeeping for all hostels.
-Interested students are required to pay a booking fee of RM 400 to confirm your accommodation, there will also be a two months rental deposit and utility deposit upon check-in
Clinic PA Insurance Scheme

The coverage for PA insurance scheme includes journey to and from the academy and all organised activities on a 24-hour basis only in malaysia.

For more information, students can refer to the Student Services office to find out more about this scheme.

Additional Insurance Policy

Students are encouraged to take up an insurance policy, as a form of coverage over any unforeseen circumstances.

It is compulsory for all international students to take up the hospitalisation insurance as arranged by the academy. The insurance scheme is also highly recommended for all Malaysian students.
Sports No
Scholarships External Scholarships
There are several scholarships available locally for needy students to pursue their tertiary education. We recommend that you read through all the terms and conditions of those that you are interested in, and select the one that best suits your needs.
Foreign Contacts No
Alumni Details No

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