Pusat Bahasa Nusantara

Pusat Bahasa Nusantara

Nusantara Language Centre is a brainchild of Mr. Shaharuddin Bin MohdSatha. He has an extensive experience of 18 years in working with international students. Mr Shaharuddin has a great heart and compassion for international students that want to pursue their studies in Malaysia.

Additional Information

SETARA Rating Not Rated
Library No
Laboratory No
Accommodation Yes
Clinic No
Sports No
Scholarships No
Foreign Contacts

Nusantara Language Centre
16-2, Jalan Ipoh WP, Kuala Lumpur
50350. Malaysia

Phone: 603-40502973
Fax: 603-40502975
Email: info@nusantaralc.edu.my
Alumni Details No

Email us at: enquiry@emgs.com.my

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