Kolej Yayasan UEM

Kolej Yayasan UEM

Established in 1998 under Yayasan UEM (UEM Foundation), Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) is a premier residential college specialising in pre-university education. KYUEM is one of the selected colleges in Malaysia granted the Cambridge International Fellowship status, giving us preferential access to their varied support systems.

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SETARA Rating Not Rated
Library The library is well stocked with a good selection of books that support the A-Level teaching. There is also a wide variety of texts and background material, as well as multi-media resources, for those who want to extend their knowledge beyond the syllabus.
Laboratory The College has excellent facilities. There are air-conditioned classrooms, ten science laboratories, and large lecture theatres. There are also three Information Technology laboratories with full Internet access.

Students regularly use computers in their academic lessons and the laboratories are available at other times for private study. The science laboratories are very well equipped. Some have a full set of computers, which are used by the students for data-logging and computer modelling.

The large lecture halls also serve as a venue for talks by outside speakers.
Accommodation Every student becomes a member of a "house", which is led by a housemaster and a housemistress, who take overall responsibility for that student.

He or she will keep a watchful eye on the student's work, give advice when there are personal problems, help in the process of university placement and liaise with parents. There are approximately 100 students in a house. Each student also meets with his house tutor once a week for advice on academic matters or any problem that the student may encounter. Housemasters, housemistresses and house tutors meet regularly.

Students dine in a large dining hall on campus. There is also a cafeteria, where they may buy additional snacks during the day or in the evening. Students can relax in the cafeteria and chat with friends and staff.

Students live four to a chalet, and each has a private bedroom. Each chalet has an air-conditioned common area with Internet connection. A minority of students will be housed in an accommodation block which also has four-bedroom units with the same facilities as the chalets.
Clinic No
Sports The College has a large assembly hall, where a wide variety of functions and events can be held. The sports hall with its squash courts and an attached gymnasium is spacious and well equipped. There are facilities for badminton, table tennis and many other sports. We have an Olympic size swimming pool. All students learn to swim, if they have not done so already. Occasionally, courses in scuba-diving are offered.

On the campus there are also tennis and basketball courts and a large playing field for football and hockey. Members of the college are able to use a golf course, which adjoins the campus, at preferential rates.

Many inter-house competitions take place. Mini-marathons are arranged and there are an increasing number of fixtures with other colleges and institutes
Scholarships No
Foreign Contacts No
Alumni Details No
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