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According to the rules and regulations of the Malaysian Immigration Department, all international students (full-time and foreign exchange students) are required to have a valid Student Pass in order to study in Malaysia.

The Visa requirements for a foreign student are simple and straightforward. Before you begin your studies, you must apply for a Student Pass. This application is made by your chosen institution to Education Malaysia Global Services or online submission directly by students via Education Malaysia website. Once your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) is approved and issued, the next step is to find out if you are required to obtain a Single Entry Visa (SEV) to enter Malaysia or not. You can do so by visiting the Immigration Department of Malaysia website or simply click on the link provided;

When you check whether you require an SEV to enter Malaysia or not, you may follow one of the following three scenarios that is applicable to you;

1. SEV is required
You will need to visit the Malaysian Embassy or High Commission in your home country to obtain your SEV.

2. SEV is required but there is no Malaysian Embassy in your home country

You have two options.

I. You can either visit a Malaysian Embassy in one of your neighbouring countries; or

II. Travel to Malaysian and obtain Visa On Arrival from the Immigration counter at the airport in Malaysia.

3. SEV is not required
You can simply start packing and get ready to embark on your new journey.

Upon arrival in Malaysia, it is mandatory that students from all three categories explained above present a copy of their Visa Approval Letter (VAL) and SEV (if applicable) at the Immigration counter.

Traveling to Malaysia

You may enter Malaysia via land, sea or air.

Two Malaysian airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia, ensure accessibility through direct or transit flights from most parts of the world. A host of other international airlines also offer flight services to Malaysia.

You may also enter Malaysia by land through Thailand or Singapore as well as by sea through ports.

What happens when you arrive in Malaysia?

EMGS has set up an International Student Arrival Centre (ISAC) to help you through your first steps when you arrive in Malaysia. The ISAC will be open everyday from 7am to 11pm and will make sure that you are fully aware of where to go and what procedures to follow to have a smooth arrival and a seamless handover to your institution representative. Currently, the ISAC is only available at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Click here to download the instruction brochure and to learn more about the ISAC.

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