Required Documents for Dependants

Note: The Dependant Pass application will only be accepted if you have a Valid Student Pass.

Documents Required from the Dependant

  1. - All pages of the dependant passport
  2. - Recommended passport validity is [Duration applied for + 12 months]
  3. - Special Pass or Exit Stamp (if applicable)

Documents Required from the Principal(Student)

  1. - A copy of principal’s latest student pass
  2. - A copy of the passport information / data page

One copy of the birth certificate translated and certified by the Embassy OR a letter from the embassy (if applicable)

Two (2) passport size photos of the dependant which are:

  1. - 45mm X 35mm
  2. - White background
  3. - As per immigration requirements

One copy of the marriage certificate translated and certified by Embassy OR a letter from the embassy (if applicable)

Payment attached per application:

  1. - Cheque/bank draft issued and payable to EMGS
  2. - Cheque dated less than 6 months from the current date
  3. - Inter-Bank Transfer slip

Confirmation letter from the institution stating that you are a student of the institute

Submission of insurance cover note to EMGS for Sticker Endorsement.

This is only applicable if the institution has opted to organise their own group health insurance for their international students.

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