Ang Shao Ting
Director – Digital Marketing

He is responsible for overall digital marketing strategic planning as well as corporate website management analytics.

Ang Shao Ting brings on board more than 12 years of experience in the industry of Digital and Media agency regionally. Prior to joining EMGS, Ang Shao Ting was a General Manager at Trapper Media Services. During his tenure at Trapper Media, he led the Trapper Interactive and SEED DigitalLab, the digital media and social content brands under Trapper Media. He was also the key person that assist the Trapper Media Group Digital Team starting up in 2012.

He started his career as a Search Specialist when digital marketing was still deemed as ‘New Media’ or ‘Optional’ for the industry. Ang Shao Ting has managed over 60 brands across multiple verticals in Malaysia and Singapore. He also managed a digital team of 15 and oversee all digital division’s operation.

Ang Shao Ting has led few companies in starting up a digital agency from the ground up. He stretched his level of competency horizontally across various areas such as finance, human resource, and cross-company collaboration. His first attempt was during Media Contacts in Havas Digital, where he assisted Country Manager grew the agency by 4x in revenue.